Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, our reporting team are at Robinwood, so we have some guest reporters, who have written about our Eco-Council, led by Miss Simpson!

The Eco-council is made up of children from every class, including Reception. We are happy to announce we have achieved our bronze award. Our projects are litter, energy and waste. Taylor from Y3 stated “We are very lucky to be awarded this and I am proud of our teamwork.” We are going to be putting more bins onto the site, have light monitors and we are also going to be doing a name the green cone competition.

This week we have been visited by the Yorkshire Rotters. They brought with them a smoothie bike, a composter and a recycling beanbag game. Phoebe from Y2 said “I learnt that things can be recycled and you can compost paper and food.”  Children had the opportunity to make wormeries and were given free gifts to reduce food waste including: a rice cup, a clip, a fridge thermometer and a spaghetti portion creator.


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