Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, our new Riccall Roundup Reporters have written about two sets of visitors that we’ve had in school, this week!

This week, early years have been visited by Vision Workshop for a guide dog experience and lots of fun challenges, including: they had to wear goggles so they couldn’t see anything, tried drawing a picture with the goggles on, tried to mould something out of play-do and tried and built a tower! All of these challenges were completed by perseverance and teamwork!  One of the ladies, who came and talked about it, had a disability; so she needed a guide dog and talked all about having one. She gave the information about how the trained dogs respond to loud noises (like cars and danger around the blind person.) They wore glasses so they could see what it is like for a blind or partially blind person-who needs a guide dog.

Earlier this week, Y2 had a NHS ambulance service they got to experience lots of amazing things. They had a great time as they got to go in the ambulance and try out the sirens- as everyone heard them across school. Some people got to lay on the stretcher that the NHS ambulance service use to get their patients into to hospital ASAP. Mrs. Kelly told us that they asked lots of very detailed questions. In this experience, the Y2 learnt a lot about the NHS and how it’s run and maintained


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