Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, our new Riccall Roundup Reporting team have written about this week’s grandparents’ lunch!

This week, the average age of people in Riccall Primary School was slightly older than usual! This was because we invited the grandparents to have lunch with us: fish and chips with peas and beans followed by banana muffins.

The grandparents could then come out and watch the children play (or even join in themselves!). “They really enjoyed it,” says Harry, a Year 6 that had their grandparent in school. “It was very nice to do this after the parents’ lunch two weeks ago.” Many grandparents also stayed to help with pumpkin carving, an activity that Year 3 and Year 6 did as part of their outdoor education with Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Baron. It was a pleasure scooping out all of the pumpkin guts with their relatives. Mr. Flatman said “It was fantastic to see the sensory garden so busy and alive with enthusiasm. Everyone got really involved and there will be some fantastic pumpkins on display in Riccall.”

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