Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, our Roundup Reporters have written about their Robinwood assembly, which took place yesterday!

This week, Year Six performed their class assembly about Robinwood. In their assembly, each group sung a short song (to the tune of Baby Shark but about different activities), read a paragraph about an activity from Robinwood and performed a short drama skit. The activities were bouldering, Dungeon of Doom, Alien Conspiracy, Piranha Pool, trapeze, caving, Night Line and Crate Challenge. For Piranha pool, Jake, Jack and Harry acted out solving clues. Their drama piece showed them crossing the pool and being fearful of being eaten alive by red-belly piranhas. For Dungeon of Doom, Ruby, Georgia and Roma acted out going across the coloured floor where Georgia set off an alarm because of making three wrong moves, plunging everyone into darkness. Toby, from Year 6, says, “I really enjoyed our class assembly – everyone’s acting was amazing to watch and I even got to read out my paragraph about Alien Conspiracy.”

Overall, it went very well and the parents, along with other classes from school, really enjoyed it. At the end, everyone said what their favourite memory was before going to the computer suite to look at photos together.

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