Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, the reporters have written about their day in Year 7 and the Y5/6 production!

This week, the Y5/Y6 production, Roald Dahls’ hilarious Revolting Rhymes version of ‘Cinderella’, was put on; on Wednesday, there was a full house! The children and staff worked exceedingly hard to put their amazing performance together, having just over a week to assemble the actors, lines, props and more. Ilanah told us this: “Before the performance, everybody was nervous, especially the actors. I particularly enjoyed the fact that all the words at the end of each line rhymed, making them easier to learn.”

Also this week, Y6 enjoyed their transition day to their new schools: Barlby High School and Selby High School.  Once the students gathered in Barlby’s hall, they were given a tour of the school. The first class was maths. Jasper, who went to Barlby, said this: “I enjoyed Maths the most, we had Mr Sellman and we played some fun maths games!

At Selby, there was an array of lessons/classes, including science with Bunsen burners; maths; English and other lessons similar to Barlby. At break there was pizza and multiple drink choices such as Appletiser, water and other appetizing drinks. Elspeth, a student who made it into Selby High School, has this to say: “I enjoyed Selby very much; we got to watch other students from Selby perform to us for an hour. It was really fun and can’t wait for September.”





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