Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

The new Riccall roundup reporters, for the rest of the year are Finley, Sam A and Oliver.

On Monday, 6 children from Y6 participated in a debating competition in Selby. There were two other schools competing: Tadcaster and Cliffe. All 3 schools chose to debate about whether mobile phones should be tolerated in schools or not. The questioners that went from our school were Oliver, Jack, Ruby and Laura. Oliver says, “I really enjoyed it and it was cool to be in a court room.” Finley and Sophia had to prepare speeches during school time and then read them out in front of the other schools.

On Tuesday, 9 Y6 children went to a netball tournament. Our school came second! Sam says, “I’m happy that I got chosen because I enjoy playing sport and think I’m good at it. I scored 10 goals throughout the tournament (more than the other schools).”

On Wednesday, some Y3 & Y4 children took part in a hockey tournament and came 4th. Ella, from Y4, says, “I enjoyed playing hockey because I could play with my friends and score goals.”

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