Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, the reporters will be writing about the netball competition and panini tasting.

On Monday, a team of twelve pupils, six from each of Years 5 and 6, competed in a netball competition. Both teams did extremely well, as they both won their respective tournaments.

Max Butterfield, one of the winning players, has this to say about his time playing netball. “I really enjoyed it; I particularly enjoyed being goal shooter and I personally think we have a fantastic team.” Sophia Robinson, another one of the winning players, also has something to say. “I also enjoyed being goal shooter, and am really excited for the finals because I really enjoy netball.”

Something else that happened this week is the panini tasting session, after school on Wednesday. The session was to get feedback on the aforementioned food to see whether changes should be made to the school menu, incorporating paninis as part of the food on offer.  Jack Lalley, a Year Six student, has given us his views. “The paninis were spectacular, especially the ham and the cheesy ones. They could be ten times larger though!” Ben Sibley also gave us his opinion. He said, “They were really good, but I hated the tuna ones!” Despite Ben’s views, most people really liked the paninis, so they are being added to the school menu from next week. Yummy!


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