Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, our new Riccall Roundup Reporters have written about the Year 3 & 4 show, The Peace Child!

On Monday, the whole school watched the production of ‘Peace Child’ and it looked like everyone enjoyed it, even the teachers! On Tuesday, many parents watched it: you know who you are. It was enjoyable and funny to watch. The play was about two tribes: one that were warriors (Sotongis) and one that were ‘living free and easy’ (Wanakekees). One of the tribes had a baby and this child ended up as the ‘peace child’ – it was the end to all terrible wars. A bridge was made across the river that separated the tribes from each other and peace was restored. Finley says, “I really enjoyed the experience.” Toby – chief of the Wanakekees said, “I really had a good time whilst doing my solo.”

After the parents that came to the show, they got to take their children home early if they wanted to (children missed 7 whole minutes of learning!). KS2 did this play three years ago and Mr. Flatman announced to the school, ‘I think this was better than I have ever seen it before!” This shows just how well Years 3 and 4 have done!


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