Roundup Reporters:


Roundup Reporters:

This week, our Riccall Roundup Reporting team have written about their Bikeability activities!

This week, Y6 have been doing their Bikeability. They have done two stages; Stage 1 was in the playground where the children and instructors checked their bikes and rode through the TUNNEL OF DOOM!!! (a tunnel of cones that gets thinner every time you go through it). Stage 2 involved riding on the roads, around the village. Cameron, from Y6 says, “I’ve really enjoyed it. The tunnel of doom was fun but hard at the same time. I have enjoyed cycling around the village.”   Jake, from Y6, says, “I found it really exiting. My favourite was the tunnel of doom!!!” 2 groups that have taken part in Bikeability so far and have really enjoyed it. The rest will have their turn next week.

Also, today, has been Break the Rules Day! Children have brought in money for Children in Need and FoRS, allowing them to break rules. Some children have worn their own clothes; others have brought in sweets to have at playtime. Lots of money has been raised to help many children.

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